Dan Kempka

Co-Founder, President

Who I Am

Dan’s journey of discovery about the importance of first impressions began in with his first college job as an advertising intern at the Daily Trojan, the school newspaper for the University of Southern California. That job, and subsequent sales and entrepreneurial positions over the next few decades taught him that people buy from people that they trust, and that instinctual trust is gained, or lost, within seconds.

Dan’s success in sales led him to the technology industry, with a highlight of becoming one of the first partners at USWeb/CKS, the world’s largest internet consulting company at the time. Having gone through a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) for USWeb/CKS, Dan then moved on to many other entrepreneurial ventures, ultimately leading him back to an old friend, Judson Vaughn. Dan is now supplying the business and technology expertise to make First Impressions HQ available to anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

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