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Co-Founder, CEO

Who I Am

In 1979, Judson began his journey as a character actor in Hollywood, and quickly learned that first impressions mean everything in the film industry. His previous professional experience as a sociological researcher led him on the path to discover just what made some actors successful, and others not so much. Just like Jane Goodall studied apes, Judson studied movie and television stars to figure out exactly what made them stars.

After over a decade of work with stars like Brad Pitt, Mary Tyler Moore, Kevin Costner, Kevin Kline, Faye Dunaway, Carol O’Connor, Laura Linney and Steve Martin, Judson discovered the essence of the most elusive of all human character traits – charisma, and has been teaching what he learned about charisma since 1993… amazingly, anyone can learn to become more charismatic.


The communication skills taught in our courses, which we collectively call CommuniKata, are a result of over three decades of focused research, development and refinement, and those skills will enable anyone who learns and applies them, to take complete control of the first and lasting impressions they make in every situation, and to become more compelling, persuasive, entertaining, engaging… and more importantly, more trustworthy. 


Judson is also the Co-Founder of JurisPerfect, where he has been teaching CommuniKata to lawyers and their clients since 2002.  


Before JurisPerfect, Judson founded of a script and film development company called WHAT Films that developed and produced feature films and television pilots.  But most importantly, from April of 1993 to September of 2002, over three thousand actors, writers, directors, producers and men and women from every imaginable profession learned Judson’s system of precise communication skills and applied it not only to their film and television work, but also to every aspect of their lives.


Essentially WHAT Films was a laboratory where, with the help of thousands, Judson continued to develop and refine the communication skills we now call CommuniKata. 


It was the response from those thousands that led Judson to believe that the communication skills he and his team collectively created and refined, might just be valuable far beyond the film industry.  Since 2002 the lawyers, educators, and businessmen and women who have learned the skills within CommuniKata, have convinced him that his belief was indeed correct.


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