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Want to improve your presentation skills on your own time? Recipe for Great Presentations  is a self-paced video course perfect for the “do-it-yourself” learner. The course includes a printable workbook to guide you through creating dynamic presentations — again and again.


Step-by-step Openings  that will captivate audiences of one or one hundred, making powerful first impressions that last. 


Right now, your slide deck is working against you. We’ll show you exactly why that’s the case, and how to improve it.


The best way to move people… is to move, people. We’ll show you what you need to do with your body in order to captivate any size audience, anywhere.


We’ll show you how to gain trust in seconds when presenting on stage, leading a meeting, or making a sales presentation to one person.

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Get instant access to our acclaimed PowerPointing: Part 1  video below. This lesson alone will help improve your presentation skills. Your audience will thank you! 

Corporate Programs


Don’t have the time to apply our “PowerPointing” concepts to your existing slide deck? Then our Presentation Makeover service is for you. Our design team will transform your presentation slides using our latest PowerPointing techniques, then we’ll coach your presenters on how to deliver the most captivating presentation possible.


Every attendee views the Breakthrough Presentation Skills online video course before the workshop. Then the fun begins. Our half-day, full-day or advanced two-day workshops give your team members the chance to learn, practice and apply our concepts to their own presentations in an entertaining, interactive and engaging atmosphere.

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