The Communications Skills Course
Designed to Advance Your Career. 

Employers once valued job skills above communication skills. Not anymore. Recent surveys of career consultants and employers overwhelmingly show that employees with great communication skills are getting hired and promoted significantly faster than their peers. This video-based course will be your career secret weapon!


Like it or not, others are making snap judgments about you within seconds. You'll learn how to take control of those crucial seconds.


Neuroscientific research shows us that those snap judgments are instinctual. In our courses we reveal the science that shows why our concepts are so effective.


You'll learn the most powerful tool you have to direct the emotions of other people... which is the key to persuasion.


Our step-by-step guide shows you exactly what you need to do to get others to trust you in seconds... and what you need to stop doing.

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Get instant access to our lesson about how your face is helping you, or hurting you.
(Just So You Know: It has absolutely nothing to do with physical attractiveness.) 

Corporate Workshops

Every attendee views the Essential Communication Skills online video course before the workshop. Then the fun begins. Our half-day, full-day or advanced two-day workshops give your team members the chance to learn, practice and apply our communication concepts in an entertaining, interactive and engaging atmosphere.

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