Creating a great first impression and securing trust from strangers, is just step one. The communication and relationship skills you will learn in this course, will not just change your job trajectory, they will change the way you see the world... and the way the world sees you.

When most people think about how to make a great first impression on others, they don’t think in terms of securing trust during those first vital seconds of meeting a stranger. But the one essential ingredient of making a great first impression is the ability to secure trust, because without trust, you have nothing. This course will teach you exactly what you need to do with your body and face in order to secure trust from strangers in a fraction of a second. And we don’t just ask you to take our word that the skills we teach will enable you to secure trust. We’ll show you the neuroscientific evidence that will enable you to see exactly why the skills we teach will enable you to secure trust in any situation.


Because the communication skills we teach are so powerfully persuasive, since 1993, we’ve been teaching a formula for making sure people use our skills for the benefit others as well as themselves. Honesty, Trust, & Putting Others First is a simple trinity that (we believe) is the key to creating and maintaining meaningful relationships.


Discoveries in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience have dramatically altered our understanding of how and why people make decisions. The skills you’ll learn in this course will allow you to take advantage of the latest neuroscientific discoveries in order to become more persuasive, more engaging, more confident, and more caring than you’ve ever been.


Motivational speakers swear that changing the way you think will increase your self-confidence. We say, “hogwash.” We’ll teach you specific things to do with your body and face and voice, and you’ll quickly see people reacting to you in new, dramatically positive ways. That will increase your self-confidence!


Forget about trying to read body language in order to guess what people might be thinking and feeling. Reading body language is a really, inexact exercise. We’ll teach you how to Write Body Language, so that you can direct the emotions of others to get them to think and feel what you want them to think and feel.

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Every attendee views the Essential Communication Skills online video course before the workshop. Then the fun begins. Our half-day, full-day or advanced two-day workshops give your team members the chance to learn, practice and apply our communication concepts in an entertaining, interactive and engaging atmosphere.

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