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How to Shake Hands With “The Magic Handshake”

All public figures – particularly politicians, need to understand that the purpose of a handshake in front of an audience or a camera, is to allow the public to take a reading – to gage the nature of the relationship between the politician and the person he or she is shaking hands with.  This rule holds whether a politician is shaking the hand of a world leader or an ordinary citizen at a lunch counter.

Clearly George W. Bush did not understand this concept.  As President, he apparently thought shaking hands in front of a camera, was an opportunity to showcase his smile for posterity.  These are not anecdotal photographs.  On the Getty Images website, there are literally hundreds of photos of President Bush in this same awkward position.



The Power of Silly

Dave walks to the elevator on his floor, presses the DOWN button, steps back about six feet, relaxes into his comfortable asymmetrical posture and waits. Again he thinks of Joanne laughing on the Spanish coast and feels his face reflexively pull into his good Dominant Face.  He thinks of the words Money Memory and he starts to break into a smile, but he suppresses it.


The elevator door opens revealing two boys and a girl, all in their late teens.  They move to the left side of the elevator.  Dave quickly looks from one to the other as he gets on.  “I appreciate you three coming by to get me.  I hope it wasn’t very far out of your way.”


Your First Impression Starts with Your Face

DOMINANT FACEYour Dominant Face is the face you wear when you don’t think you are communicating with anyone.

[Our use of the term “dominant,” relates to its definition “predominant,” rather than the “controlling or exerting authority,” definition.  Your Dominant Face is the facial expression that you “wear” more than any other when you are not communicating with others.]