Meet our team

Judson Vaughn

Co-Founder, CEO

In 1979, Judson began his journey as a character actor in Hollywood, and quickly learned that first impressions mean everything in the film industry. His previous professional experience as a sociological researcher led him on the path to discover just what made some actors successful, and others not so much. Just like Jane Goodall studied apes, Judson studied movie and television stars to figure out exactly what made them stars.

Dan Kempka

Co-Founder, President

Dan’s journey of discovery about the importance of first impressions began in with his first college job as an advertising intern at the Daily Trojan, the school newspaper for the University of Southern California. That job, and subsequent sales and entrepreneurial positions over the next few decades taught him that people buy from people that they trust, and that instinctual trust is gained, or lost, within seconds.