Because at some point you may be:

Interviewing for a new job – or interviewing someone you’d really like to hire.

Meeting that person you met online – in person… and later, meeting their friends and family.

Making an important presentation, trying to make a sale, and/or trying to secure trust from a potential client or customer.

Neuroscience tells us that when it comes to making great first impressions and gaining trust when you meet a stranger, you only get one shot.

What people are saying about our courses and the communication & relationship skills they learned

“When introducing myself to people, I used to be a nervous wreck and that has completely changed. Learning the skills and principals in this course has truly changed my life.”
William Pottle, Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis, Invesco Global Asset Management, Atlanta, GA
“I loved it! This course was an exciting and a refreshing change from the standard AIG training courses we have to watch. I loved that so many parts were actually funny. I’m going to make my hubby watch the videos. I know he’ll love what he’ll learn.”
Anne Rubio, Senior Executive Assistant, AIG, Phoenix, AZ
“My team (and I) loved the trust course and the presentation course, and then your live workshop was all the buzz for the rest of our week. The team kept on sharing what they learned and talking about how they were surprised that this wasn’t the ‘same old’ sales and presentation-skills training, but truly a different way of thinking about both. In this case, what happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas.”
Joyce Whitby, National Vice President of Sales, Education Group, West Communications, Omaha, NE
“These courses teach a hell of a lot about persuasive communication skills, how to gain trust, and how to create and deliver great presentations. Seeing the neuroscience that supports the skills taught here,was also enlightening. I just wish this course had been around when I was still at Xerox. My engineers were all pretty damn smart, but so many just weren’t great communicators or presenters. The beauty of the way you teach these skills is that you’ve created a precise formula – a ‘recipe’ as you call it – that’s easy to follow. We engineers like that.”
Len Parker, Vice President and Chief Engineer [ret], Xerox, Rochester, NY
“I’ve been a business owner my entire adult life and one of my greatest challenges has been helping the new ‘casual’ generation of employees understand the importance of communicating efficiently, teamwork and trust. This course solved my problem. My employees can’t stop talking about it. Simply a must for business owners!”
Pat Healey, State Farm Insurance Agency Owner, Portland, OR
“I just completed your course. It was fantastic! I lost track of time. I’ll be going back into the online suite periodically and watching parts again and again because it’s so valuable. You’ve created something really special here. I hope people take the time to apply it in their lives and the lives of those around them. I told my wife about it and she’ll be taking the course as will our kids. Thank you.”
Eric Burton, President, Megent Financial, Chicago, IL
“The skills Judson teaches in person and in his online courses are not just persuasive communication skills; they are relationship skills; they are life skills. If securing and maintaining trust with your customers or clients and among your employees is as important in your business as it is in ours, then you need to have your employees watch this course.”
Tim Forrester, Chief Financial Officer, United Shore Financial Services, Pontiac, MI

Our foundational course is Trust: The Reason First Impressions Matter

There’s a simple reason why so many presentations you see at work are lousy. It’s because everyone is trying to create presentations from scratch – because no one has ever created a step-by-step, easy to follow recipe for creating and presenting dynamic, memorable and persuasive presentations… until now. Forget your anxieties about delivering a delectable presentation. Just follow our recipe and everyone gathered around the conference table or filling the ballroom will be delighted.

Corporate Programs

Forgive us for bragging, but our audiences have been telling us for years that our presentations and workshops have been the most informative and entertaining they’ve ever seen. We can tailor our workshops to cover Communication Skills, Presentation Skills… or both. Our programs boost employee morale, corporate cultures and customer service.