Communication Skills at Work
& Writing Body Language 

Most companies will teach you the specific skills needed to accomplish your job tasks, but they will not teach you innovative communication skills that are most often the determining factor for promotions and raises and a vital factor in leadership. We will teach you innovative communication and leadership skills.

Our greatest leaders in the world of business, politicians, and movie stars
  know how to use their bodies to lead us to think and feel
  what they want us to think and feel.

You’ve no doubt seen “experts” on reading body language on television, or perhaps you’ve read their books. But reading body language is the act of following someone and trying to figure out what he or she is thinking or feeling.

Writing Body Language is the art and science of leading others to think and feel what you want them to think and feel. That’s what great leaders do, and that’s what we’ve been teaching lawyers, doctors, engineers, actors, teachers, and businessmen and women from every imaginable profession how to do … since 1993.

Isn’t it time you stopped trying to read people,
  and start learning how to become a master at leading people? 



Now anyone can have 24/7 access to this self-paced video course that includes the same communication skills training we’ve given during workshops at small, medium and large companies since 1993.  

Whether you are on stage in front of a large audience, leading a weekly departmental meeting or making a sales presentation to one prospect, this video course is a step-by-step guide that will enable you to create great presentations.

Corporate Programs

Forgive us for bragging, but our audiences have been telling us for years that our presentations and workshops have been the most informative and entertaining they’ve ever seen. We can tailor our workshops to cover Communication Skills, Presentation Skills… or both. Our programs boost employee morale, corporate cultures and customer service.